Ray Duque 3

Saturday, July 15, 2006


The Duque Family Clan is only small family. The root of the Duque Family Clan came from Paoay, Ilocos Norte, Philippines. They migrated to Pangasinan and some other parts of the provinces and cities in the Philippines. The largest Duque Families are now in Alcala and Dagupan, Pangasinan. Some of the Duque Families are still in Paoay, Ilocos Norte.

My father came from Alcala, Pangasinan. When I was two years old my family migrated to Manila and then transfered to Quezon City both in Metro Manila until I came to New York City in July 1970.

I have three brothers and one sister. I have one brother who died at the age of two. We are all living in the USA now but one of my brother went back to the Philippines to stay and live there but he has a house in the USA. My parents also came to New York City but went back to the Philippines in August 1990. My father and mother died in the Philippines in May 1992 and May 1995 respectively.

Ray Duque III (GMBD), USA


My name is RAY DUQUE III. I was born on October 16 in the Philippines in the province of Pangasinan, the hometown of my father and the largest DUQUE FAMILY. I'm now 60 plus years young. We migrated at Sampaloc, Manila when I was about two years old. We used to lived in Manila for about a little more than ten years and transferred to Quezon City. This is a part of Metro Manila. We used to live in Quezon City until I migrated to New York City in July 1970.

While I was in Manila and Quezon City growing up in the elementary, I went to a public school and at San Beda College in Mendiola, Manila. When I was in high school, I went to University of Santo Tomas, National University and Arellano University all in Manila. In my college, I went to University of the East in Recto Avenue, Manila. I took up Business Administration in Accounting. When I finished my Acoounting, I migrated to New York City to work and live there until my retirement.

When I was in school in Manila, I used to appear in the Philippine Movies as a Bit Player Actor in the 1960s. I used to appear in many movies as a bit player actor. At the same time those years I learned to Dance the Ballroom/Latin Dancing. I also played Basketball in School Intramurals and tried out for the basketball varsity team but I was not able to play in the varsity.

When I came to New York City in 1970, I worked with different companies as a sales representatives, bookkeeper and accountant. I got married in March 1974 in New York City. We have two grown up children. They are both working. We went to Los Angeles, California to live and work there for less than three years and came back to New York City.

I'm now a retired Filipino-American living in New York City and enjoying my retirement. I want to be known. I want to go back to the Philippine movies if I have the opportunity to go back in the movies. I go to the Philippines almost every year for vacation and to visit.

Thank you all,
Ray Duque III (GMBD), USA